Monday, March 21, 2011

Poll: Does your XNA work pay the bills for you?

Does your XNA dev work pay the bills?

An interesting question came up in IRC today. How many people doing XNA work are really able to survive at it, financially?

If you do XNA work, it would be interesting to know what kind of success you are seeing. Obviously this poll won't reach everyone doing XNA work but the results might be interesting anyway.

Edit: By XNA work, I'm referring to XNA in whatever combination of products & revenue you are able to pull together where XNA code & processes are a core aspect of the work.

Edit 2: Please only vote if you are an XNA application builder, not someone who actually works on XNA at Microsoft. I thought it was pretty clear what the intent was here but there's been a few questions about this. Thanks.

The poll is set up to run for ten years but you can view stats or change your answer at any time should your situation change :)

So, does your XNA work pay the bills for you?

If your answer is "Yes" and you feel like talking about your business model a little bit, please feel free to add a comment. Thanks!

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