Thursday, January 12, 2012

Free Tools from Bounding Box Games

Since starting Bounding Box Games, I've created a number of tools that help me make the games. Some of them are pretty general purpose tools that other people might find useful. They were not created with the goal to be products, they are literally the things I made to help me get my work done, to fix an annoyance of some sort or in some cases they are the result of an experiment that might be useful to others.

In the interest of sharing and to get a bit of shameless self-promotion I've decided to start spending a little bit of time making some of them available. While I need to stay focused on making games, I am hopeful that sharing these tools will be worth the effort. Perhaps it will help in some way, I really don't know what to expect though. I also set up a PayPal account for anyone who likes these tools and wishes to kick a few bucks our way to help keep things going over here.

The first tool is a plug in for Microsoft Expression Encoder that publishes videos to YouTube. Enjoy!

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