Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New tool release: Essential Geo for Softimage

Essential Geo is an addin for Softimage that provides a dozen basic building blocks for modelling that some people might find useful. More info and download links here.

I created this tool because I wasn't satisfied with the set of primitives included in Softimage. I found myself repeatedly making the same low level shapes and wishing I could tweak them after they had been extruded, beveled or other changes had been made. These tools allow me to do this which has been helpful in the creative process of making game content. Many of the buttons and dials seen in Atomic Sound were made with these shape builders and over the past year I continue to use them on a regular basis.

I'd be interested in making a substantially larger collection of these if it could become a product people would be willing to buy, but unless it is obvious there is enough demand for it to justify taking time away from the core mission of Bounding Box Games then that probably won't happen. Until then, hopefully people will find it useful the way it is.

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