Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thunder Moon Alpha #2

XBLIG Alpha testers, build #2 is up. If you would like to check it out, please grab from the same URL.

  • Press start screen instructions are now in title-safe zone.
  • Game pauses while in inventory or crafting mode. Inventory is now a safe thing to use at any time.
  • Player can jump 2 blocks high instead of 1. 
  • Player will automatically step up over single blocks. The world is much more pleasant to explore this way.
  • The artwork for completed mission objectives has been improved.
  • Significant memory savings have been made.
  • Music streaming has been fixed, it no longer keeps data from old streams in memory. This behavior had been overlooked because until recently there wasn't much music, but now there is over an hour of music and there just isn't enough room to keep it all in memory.
Also, please try to run the game through the XNA Remote Performance Monitor so you can take screen shots in case there is an exception. Should one occur, there is an exception handler that will show the call stack and some diagnostic info which will help me resolve it. I'm not aware of any crashes at this time, but that's the thing about having other people play the game, you never know what might happen.

Thanks again for your time checking it out, the feedback has been very helpful!

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