Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ore Veins!

Today I added ore veins to Thunder Moon which is where players can mine the resources necessary for the crafting of many items.
I created both the tech design and the textures a while back, but only today did the code get the last bits needed for this feature to show up in game. I was shooting the ground and picking up carbon, rubies, gold, copper and other resources that many items require to make them. Until today, there was no way outside of debug commands to build most of the items in the blueprint list but that should not be an issue any more. Just go find what you need down in the caves!

The ore veins are placed with a fairly straightforward fractal, which means the resources will generally appear in clusters underground in groups. Soon, I'll be tweaking the numbers for design control of what depths the various resources will be most commonly found, some of them of course being deep, deep underground.

Speaking of which, and I don't recall if I've mentioned this, but Thunder Moon's terrain is not depth or height limited. There are some precision issues if you go terribly deep, but it's unlikely that will really be a concern.

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