Monday, March 4, 2013

Thunder Moon Playtest

Thunder Moon is now on XBLIG Playtest! If you have an XBLIG account and want to check it out, here is the forum thread and here is the download page.

This build includes various fixes and improvements.

  • Inventory stackable items displayed stack count now updated correctly during stack splitting & moves.
  • Crafting now shows a big message telling you what was (or wasn't) made.
  • Inventory sounds now play for stacked items when placed.
  • You can now quick-select held items from within the inventory.
  • Quick select shows name of currently selected item.
  • The story mode landing sequence is much shorter. I will be tweaking this more.
  • Player character doesn't glide without walking animation at low speed.
  • When starting a game, gameplay is paused and rendering disabled until a decent amount of nearby terrain is ready. Starting up a game looks much cleaner now.
  • A problem with the main menu processing input when it shouldn't have has been fixed.
  • Item icons are color coded according to if they can be activated, if they are activated and if they can be deactivated.
Hope to get some feedback soon!

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