Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thunder Moon XBLIG playtest update

I just updated the playtest version of Thunder Moon on XBLIG. There are quite a few fixes and improvements since last week's version. If you have an XBLIG account you can download it here.

  • Filesystem error detection AKA USB-yank-detection. There should be no more code-4's from MU pulling; it will instead show a message indicating the game cannot continue and has to exit due to a filesystem error. While a graceful recovery would be nice and I'd like to add support for that in the future, it is not required by the evil checklist. 
  • Shadows are now enabled by default.
  • Many terrain lighting artifacts have been fixed. There are still a few however, but they are much less common than before.
  • Terrain generation and lighting logic has been optimized quite a bit.
  • The crash landing intro sequence has been reworked, but is not final. Instead of a long landing phase, there is about 20 seconds of loading followed by a camera view from the ground of the lander crashing. I'd like the loading to be faster, but there is only so much that can be done there given how much is going on.
  • Ambient lighting has been turned up a bit; it should be possible to see around adequately in the darkest of caves.
  • Title safe zone has been reviewed and all known issues corrected. The default is to have everything in the title safe zone.
  • Walk speed has been bumped up to 1.5x what it was. 
  • Default camera aim sensitivity has been reduced to 60% of its original speed. It can still be cranked up for people who prefer it higher.
  • A half-second freeze related to music streaming has been fixed.
  • The input system had a bug that was messing up the behavior in the settings menu.
  • All sounds pause when the pause menu is up now. Previously they only paused for the Guide.
  • Credits now scroll 3X as fast. They can also be controlled with the left thumbstick, but there is no help for it.
  • An exception related to approaching a cargo pod mission goal before the area has streamed has been fixed.
  • Loading a game that had all missions completed will no longer hang on loading.
  • Blueprint collection has been trimmed a bit to remove unusable items. Note that the resource gathering required to make all the items is still incomplete and will be coming soon.
  • Some new inventory icons.
  • Max number of terrain triangles has been increased.
  • Cloud rendering has been optimized and has much less impact on framerate.

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