Tuesday, March 19, 2013

XBLIG playtest update 3/19

Late last night I posted another XBLIG playtest update. The latest version includes the following changes:

  • Camera will now automatically switch to first person when there isn't enough room for the 3rd person. It will switch back when there is room to see the character again. I am looking forward to feedback on this feature, I really hope it addresses the camera related complaints. 
  • You can toggle 1st person mode with rightstick click. 3rd person always has to have the option of entering 1st person mode in tight spaces, but when 1st person mode is activated this way it stays on.
  • There is now falling damage. It's pretty generous on how far you can fall without damage. Falling damage is disabled when using the tractor beam pack.
  • Trial mode will no longer allow the continuation of a saved game, it will prompt to send player to marketplace when they try.
  • Returning to main menu no longer sends you to the press start screen.
  • Choosing exit from the main menu actually exits instead of sending you to the press start screen.
  • The Adjust UI screen is no longer shown to new players.
  • Fixed character lighting problem where they would sometimes pop between lit/unlit.
  • Flaregun does a small amount of damage. It didn't do any damage before.
  • Weapon animation jitter when aiming down or near wall is fixed.

As you can see, some "boring" stuff which to be honest is why this sort of thing tends to get put off perhaps longer than it should. I am pretty stoked about the camera change though, 3rd person games always seem to struggle with confined spaces and I think this auto-first-person behavior is a pretty good solution. Hopefully the players will agree instead of sticking in first person mode all the time, because if they do they'd be missing out on the animation work that went into the main character.

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