Friday, March 22, 2013

XBLIG Playtest update 3/22

It's been a busy couple of days, and now there's a new version of Thunder Moon up on XBLIG for playtesting. 
  • Melee combat. Simple punch for now, but it can be used on NPCs and voxels to cause damage and collect blocks. This is a fallback behavior if there isn't an item currently equipped in the active "held" slot. 
  • Quick select no longer skips empty slots, allowing you to choose a melee slot.
  • Selecting a held item in the inventory also selects it now. No longer is there a separate selection for the held item, its automatic when you move the cursor in the inventory.
  • Target info in the HUD. Shows the NPC name and health bar, the type of pickup, that sort of thing.
  • Target voxel indicator. Still needs some tweaking; it is visible too often right now due to lack of range checking.
  • Character physics volume reduced; it is much easier to get into 1x2 voxel spaces now. This change, plus the previous auto-firstperson and first person camera improvements make underground cave digging much more fun to deal with. 
  • Character physics bug fixed- you can no longer push into walls and get popped to the terrain surface.
  • Voxel placement is now done by holding the voxel as your currently held item and pressing RB. RTrigger is now used for melee. The combo allows you to punch out terrain and place blocks without any inventory hassles.
  • Atomizer weapon animation spins up as you press the right trigger before it reaches the activation level, just for fun.
  • Mission goal reticles have been improved; the main reticle is not as thick edged and the pickup indicators are much smaller.
  • Getting destroyed when riding a vehicle now detaches the player as expected.
  • Can't attach/detach from vehicle while destroyed.
  • Disable autofirstperson when on a vehicle. 
  • Pickup items should no longer deactivate physics until they are on the ground. No more hovering pickups, unless the ground has been removed from beneath them (this will get fixed soon).
  • Projectiles can now only hit one object before expiring. 
  • InvPanel now supports dpad for cursor movement. 
  • PickupItems expire in 5 minutes. The world was getting saturated with them if a turret was around spawning bugs. 
  • Improvements to aiming logic, specifically around walls and obstacles. 
  • The missions in story mode are still incomplete, as is the camera behavior during the intro. 

If you have an XBLIG account, you can download the game here.

The most interesting thing about this update is the melee system. It's in it's most primitive form now, but it has the potential to support melee combat logic for equipped items such as swords and other items, along with loading animations and sounds for the player to use that are specific to that item and are unloaded when the item is unequipped. This is all hooked into the animation system so the melee animation can determine when exactly the strikes should occur, including support for multiple strikes per animation. 

Thanks for any feedback!

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