Tuesday, March 26, 2013

XBLIG Playtest update 3/26

Continuing the push on Thunder Moon, this update includes the following:

  • Control scheme changed: RT/RB = held item, LT/LB = worn item, X/Y = aux item. B = interact/jump/detach. A = Sprint.
  • Player respawn bugs have been found/fixed. Previously, the player wouldn't always teleport back to the spawn location as intended.
  • Player respawns automatically after 5 seconds.
  • Mission item pickups don't expire/disappear.
  • The "explore north/south/east/west" missions have been removed. The original intention was to get people comfortable moving around before getting into the real missions, but nobody liked them.
  • Target indicator for pickups that don't expire (mission items) don't show a health bar.
  • Target indicator turned off when player is destroyed/respawning.
  • Voxel target indicator render bug fixed.
  • Tractor pack deactivates when the player is destroyed.
  • Tractor pack works correctly when a weapon is not equipped.
  • Pressing left-stick-(which is shown in the help list) will show all help, along with an overlay that shows what each visible icon is for, including weapon effects.
  • Help system now has the option to show a more/less help by default. Default is more. 
  • Detaching from vehicle (hoverbike) now reorients the character to a vertical posture. Previously the player would stand at whatever angle the vehicle was at when detached.
  • Vehicle equipment (== hoverbike flare) can now be used. 
  • Controller button icons have been scaled up a bit.
  • Help item for camera mode 1st/3rd person.
  • Player won't auto-repeat activation of non-repeatable items (health kits).
  • Cinematic camera improvements for worm attack cutscene.
  • Creature collision volumes used for shooting are larger and easier to hit.
  • Added help item for detaching from vehicle.

If you have an XBLIG account, you can download the game here. I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks!

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