Friday, April 26, 2013

Item Durability & Powerups

The latest update now has a feature that's been in the works for a while: Item durability. The game now tracks a health value for each item that can wear out, which is essentially everything that provides a functional benefit to the player. Weapons, packs, powerups - they all fit into that group.

Pistol with a heat exchanger to increase weapon fire rate, the jet pack with two types of energy generators, and a fusion reactor in the aux slot provides enough power to keep the jets running almost non stop.
Here are the highlights of this update:

  • Items that are activated or which have passive effects now have finite durability and take wear when used. This is shown with a horizontal health bar over each item that has durability. 
  • Items with effects have durability reduced when their effect is providing a benefit to the player. For triggered items, such as the heat exchanger or beam focus, this will trigger wear when the player shoots a weapon that has the item equipped in the socket. For passive items, such as the transformer, auto repair kit or fusion reactor, it will only take wear when the stat these generators are boosting is not at max value. This was a pretty complicated system to implement so I look forward to any feedback on this now that I've finally enabled it.
  • Items now have their backdrops color coded to indicate when they are active. This is important for items in sockets shown on the side of the hosting item so you can see when they are getting worn, possibly deciding to remove the powerup and save it's durability for another time. They are green when ready to activate, yellow when active, and red when the item has worn out indicating it's time to install a replacement. Worn out items currently have no value but I may add recipes or a repair mechanism in the future.
  • Deployable items (currently, the Turret) now keep track of their health when recovered, saving it as item durability.
  • New powerup items: Power Supply, Fusion Reactor. Both boost energy generation, allowing for more jetpack time or other energy consuming activities.

The item wear features is the big thing with this update. Most items take quite a while to wear down. I plan to adjust these after more testing to make them last a reasonable amount of time; too long defeats the purpose and too short is not fun. Please let me know if you have any opinions on this or anything else in the game, thanks!

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