Saturday, April 13, 2013

Late yesterday I posted the latest build to XBLIG playtest. There have been a number of changes since the last version people were able to play:

  • Backpacks - The Jetpack allows you to fly around and is designed to help you get around the sometimes deep and vertical caves. The Time Warp pack is intended to be used during combat as an offensive device, allowing you to move and attack at regular speed while the rest of the world is slowed down. The Shield pack makes you invulnerable for as long as you have energy to keep it active. All of them have unique models and animations. They also support two upgradable sockets each.
  • Powerup items - These are modules that can go into the sockets on the weapons and backpacks. There are a number of them in the blueprint table. I need to make them more accessible for testing however since right now it's pretty hard to get the necessary items to craft them. The powerups currently in game include weapon damage boost, weapon speed boost, max shield boost, improved shield recovery speed, max energy capacity, energy generation speed, weapon stabilization and a few others. Any item with sockets can have powerups put into them. While designed from the start to support sockets+powerups, this system is just now starting to get some real use. The next update will have the powerups much more accessible. If you want to check them out now, run the game using the profiler and the command line argument "testcraft" - this will allow you to make any item without consuming or requiring the parts that would normally be required.
  • Powerup items show on the HUD next to the icon for each of the held, worn and aux icons.
  • New NPC - Xeno Flyer - This is a flying bug that shoots at you.
  • A few garbage generators have been discovered and eliminated. The game should once again run with only occasional garbage collection related stalls.
  • In the inventory, "Drop" has been renamed to "Discard". Discarding an item now creates a pickup item in the world which you can walk over to pick up later if you wish.
  • The currently held item can now be set in the inventory panel by simply moving the cursor to that item and exiting the inventory. You can still use the DPad during gameplay to switch.
  • The walking bug now has taunt & pursue sounds. No more sneaking up on you without any warning.
  • Time of day is now saved & restored on load.
  • Pistol and Atomizer now use weapon accuracy, energy weapon boost, and weapon speed modifiers defined by any powerups.
  • Added sound for picking up items.

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