Friday, April 19, 2013

Voxel texture & systems progress

The past few days have been spent largely working on voxel texture systems and tools. The engine now supports partially transparent (alpha tested) voxels. Well, the engine has actually "supported" them for over a year now but there were a few important bugs that I never got around to fixing until today and I never had any game quality textures until very recently anyway. Another feature that has been in there a long time but I haven't made much use of is the ability for textures to span multiple voxels, which I think really helps the overall look. This is most visible on the ground texture. The tools I've been working on have been very helpful in organizing and preparing the content which has a surprising number of details to keep in under control.

Here's a couple new shots where you can see the metal grates and the voxel-spanning metal girder looking textures. There's a turret sitting there next to me just in case some bugs decide to show up.

While this game doesn't generally rely on building voxel structures, I know a lot of people just like to build things just for fun so I plan to support it as best I can. I'm planning on including a number of sci-fi themed textures for people to build with, in addition to the raw materials found in the world. Various metals, concretes, etc. Most will be craftable from the raw materials found in the world.

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