Monday, May 27, 2013

Thunder Moon is finally in peer review!

It's been a long haul, but Thunder Moon is finally in peer review on XBox Live Indie Games!

If you have an XBLIG dev account, and wouldn't mind doing me a huge favor, please take a little time to review the game and help us get it that much closer to the marketplace. I'd be very grateful!


While the build going through review is stable and complete, there are of course a lot of things that I'd like to improve. Few games ship with everything we'd like in there, or with everything as polished as it could be so I'm looking forward to tuning up the game some more over the next couple weeks while I work towards the first update. I'm still sorting out what I'd like to add for the first update, but some of thing things I'd like to do include new items, new random encounters and improvements to the UI. Hopefully the players will give me some feedback about what can make the game more fun!

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