Friday, June 7, 2013

Thunder Moon passed peer review!


It should be up on the marketplace within the next 24 hours. Pretty exciting!

So, what now?

My immediate plans are to keep working on Thunder Moon.

While I've been doing what I can to promote it so far, there is only so much you can do before the game is released. I'll need to step up the marketing effort even more now that it's actually on the verge of being on the marketplace. There is an awful lot of stuff to do for that! The website, the media package, press release, etc.. pretty big list.

As for the game itself, like most projects of any complexity there are a bunch of small things I wanted to do but couldn't hold back releasing the game over. For instance, when you use the "teleport back" feature, the screen doesn't fade to/from black like it does when you respawn from being destroyed. There are also some item stat tweaks, such as boosting the amount of energy regeneration that battery objects provide versus transformers since the battery is harder to make. After cherry picking the easy and more noticeable items from the task list, I'll be making some more significant changes related to feedback I received late in the process about the crafting UI. I would like to make it more approachable and generally easier to use. The blueprint filters will be simplified, and there will be a new construction dependency tree view to show what objects are required to make a specific object. My goal is to have a build ready by next week to smooth out the player experience as much as possible while still holding a prominent position on the new releases list in the marketplace.

As I think about all the things that I still need to do, it's plain to see I'll need to keep the pressure on for quite a while yet. Hitting the publish button was really just the start of the next phase of the project.

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