Thursday, June 13, 2013

#ThunderMoon playtest update 6/13

Thunder Moon has been out for nearly a week now and I've been gathering feedback from anyone and anywhere I could find it. Some players were kind enough to send me information directly, and others even went so far as to make "Live Plays" (LP) and reviews of the game. It's been a crazy week keeping up with all this and I would like to thanks everyone, especially the players, for helping Thunder Moon get a good start in the marketplace and for giving me information I need to make the game better.

Along with all the info-gathering this past week, I've also been working on code & testing changes to address the various problems and feedback that has come to my attention since the game launched. A few minutes ago I posted a playtest build for Thunder Moon onto the XBLIG service with all the changes I expect to go into the first update to the game, which should be tomorrow. Hopefully some of my XBLIG developer peers will have a chance to check it out and let me know how it goes for them.

Here's the changes:

* Random NPCs generally no longer spawn during the day.
* Random NPCs no longer spawn above a certain elevation.
* Thunder now plays at sunset, indicating random spawns will be happening more often.
* Spawn rates of random encounters tweaked. They ramp up during the night. Generally don't happen during the day.
* Fewer random NPCs will spawn at the same time during early stages of Story mode. Hopefully the ramp-up will be easier for people.
* Music should not be cut off prematurely any more.
* Activation of stacked items no longer leaves the item activated, it consumes stack item as intended. Turrets, for instance, should be more usable now.
* Timewarp effect is disabled when exiting game; previously players could return to the main menu with time slowed down & effects still visible.
* Timed Items that are activated in the inventory do not actually use up their timer until the game is continued. For instance, the time dilation crystal.
* Player teleport is now disabled during cutscenes.
* Player items are deactivated during cutscenes, fixing problem when entering certain cutscenes with jetpacks or other items active.
* Players should not be able to re-enter the crashed lander during the early part of the game any more.
* Lander weapon collision size 1.5x larger, hits NPCs more easily now.
* The "Feedback" page converted to "Our Games" with boxart for my other games.
* There was a user who cancelled the message+credits shown at the conclusion of Chapter 1 and thought the game was stuck in the finale cinematic, so I made the message+credits reappear after a few seconds.
* The default blueprint filter now shows all blueprints. I saw some LPs where players didn't realize there were more than a few items available.
* Footstep volume reduced.
* Power Supply now generates +2 energy/tick, was +1
* Battery no longer stacks, it is a durable item with +2 energy/tick.

Thanks for reading!