Friday, June 14, 2013

#ThunderMoon update now in #XBLIG Peer Review!

I just submitted Thunder Moon v1.0.2 to Peer Review!

It's always hard to predict how long it will take to get a game through Peer Review, but it is always a minimum of 48 hours to get through the system even under the best conditions. Hopefully my fellow XBLIG developers will be able to help out and get it through the system quickly, because this update fixes a number of problems players have reported as well as tuning of the gameplay that I hope players will find to be improvements. Most of the changes are listed here in an earlier blogpost, with a few additional very minor changes.

The biggest of these small changes is a new message on the loading screen which explains how important it is to exit to the main menu when finished playing. As you might imagine, this game saves a lot of data to disk. The system for saving & loading this data is very similar to a database. Because it is almost constantly writing data, jumping to the dashboard or powering off the XBox will leave the database in a bad state that it can't recover from so players need to always "save and exit" to the main menu in order to be sure everything is cleaned up properly. I have a task in my list to work on making the system more tolerant of unexpected exits, but for now players will need to make sure they exit through the main menu.

The other, even smaller, changes are related to fixing up the URLs to the new Thunder Moon website. That's right, I finally got a proper website up for the game. It's not much, just a little artwork, the trailer video and links to the Facebook page, the YouTube channel, my Twitter page and the Marketplace for Thunder Moon. Hopefully this page help to make a good first impression to people new to the game.

Thanks for reading!

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