Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thunder Moon Crafting simpified in the coming update

I simplified the crafting interface in Thunder Moon based on feedback from testers & players. There are now just 4 item filters to flip through: Equipment, Supplies, Buildable and Terrain Blocks. Previously there were 9 (!) filters, and objects could appear in multiple sections based on meeting the filtering criteria. It was just too confusing, and too much to take in. This should help a lot with finding what you are looking for amongst the hundreds of items you can create in this game.

Items will appear in only one section, unless it's Buildable then it will show there also. The Custom filter used by "Find Related" feature is still there and behaves the same.

The Equipment filter is for things you wear or activate. Items that do things.

The Supplies filter is for all those items that are only used as crafting components. These items are not equippable or activatable.

The Buildable filter shows only those items you can build right now.

Previously, there were filters for each equipment slot (Held, Worn, Aux), and one for items that were activatable or had some passive effect (such as a heal kit, or persistent shield buff). These are all consolidated into the Equipment filter. There was also a filter for "Partially buildable" (meaning you had some of the parts required to build) which was redundant because the items already indicate if they are partially buildable by being yellow instead of red background.

In all, I am pretty happy with this change. The original crafting UI didn't turn out as user friendly as I wanted and this is a good improvement.

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